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  • 25.03.21 - Seminarvortrag (Purvi Gupta)
    On the Bishop problem for perturbations of a model n-sphere in C^n [more]
  • 18.03.21 - Seminarvortrag (Purvi Gupta)
    Polynomially convex embeddings of compact real manifolds [more]
  • 10.02.21 - Seminarvortrag (Nikhil Savale)
    Bergman-Szegö kernel asymptotics in weakly pseudoconvex finite type cases [more]
  • 21.01.21 - Seminarvortrag (Xiaoshan Li)
    Bergman-Einstein metric on a Stein space with strongly pseudoconvex boundary [more]
  • 17.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Kang-Tae Kim)
    Squeezing constants for the exceptional bounded symmetric domains and more [more]
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22 Nov 2013 Seminar with Uni Bochum (copy 1)

22nd Nov 2013 in Bochum, more here. [more]

Talk: Prof. F. Kutzschebauch, 20 Jun 2013

An Oka prinicple for equivariant isomorphisms, 20 Jun 2013, Room D13.11 [more]

Vortrag: Prof. F. Kutzschebauch, 20.06.2013

An Oka prinicple for equivariant isomorphisms, 20.06.2013, D13.11 [more]