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  • 17.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Kang-Tae Kim)
    Squeezing constants for the exceptional bounded symmetric domains and more [more]
  • 10.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Liyou Zhang)
    On the hyperconvex index of Teichmüller space [more]
  • 08.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Fusheng Deng)
    Characterizations of plurisubharmonic functions and positivity of vector bundles [more]
  • Vortragsreihe: Prof. Takeo Ohsawa
    Topics from Analytic Continuation and Extension Problems in Complex Analysis [more]
  • 25.11.19 - Seminarvortrag (Gerrit Herrmann)
    On the rendezvous number of a metric space [more]
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Talks 2010-2012

Flexibility properties in Complex Analysis
and Affine Algebraic Geometry
Prof. F. Kutzschebauch

29 Nov 2012

16h c.t.
Minimal biquadratic energy of 5 particles on the 2-sphereProf. A. Tumanov

05 Nov 2012

16h c.t.

Kolmogorov's problem on width asymptotics for condensers in CnProf. V. Zakharyuta

15 Oct 2012

16h c.t.

Deformation Riemannscher FlächenProf. J. Winkelmann21 May 2012
Weighted Bernstein-Markov inequality on unbounded sets in CnProf. N. Q. Dieu

05 Dec 2011

16h c.t.

Riemann surfaces in Stein manifolds with density propertyR. B. Andrist

01 Jul 2011

14h c.t.

Complex dimensions of real analytic sets in complex manifoldsProf. R. Shafikov

18 Apr 2011

16h c.t.

II. On proper embeddings of Riemann surfaces into C2Prof. E. F. Wold

07 Dec 2010

16h c.t.

I. Solving d bar_b on hyperbolic laminationsProf. E. F. Wold

06 Dec 2010

16h c.t.