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  • 10.02.21 - Seminarvortrag (Nikhil Savale)
    Bergman-Szegö kernel asymptotics in weakly pseudoconvex finite type cases [mehr]
  • 21.01.21 - Seminarvortrag (Xiaoshan Li)
    Bergman-Einstein metric on a Stein space with strongly pseudoconvex boundary [mehr]
  • 17.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Kang-Tae Kim)
    Squeezing constants for the exceptional bounded symmetric domains and more [mehr]
  • 10.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Liyou Zhang)
    On the hyperconvex index of Teichmüller space [mehr]
  • 08.01.20 - Seminarvortrag (Fusheng Deng)
    Characterizations of plurisubharmonic functions and positivity of vector bundles [mehr]
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Talk: Elizabeth Wulcan, April 8th, 4pm, G15.25

Residue currents and fundamental cycles [mehr]

Talk: Mats Andersson, Feb 25th, 4pm, G15.25 (copy 1)

Generalized cycles in projective space and local intersection numbers [mehr]

Talk: Prof. Kang-Tae Kim, 03 Feb 2014 and 10 Feb 1014

On the generalization of Forelli’s theorem, 03 Feb 2014, D13.15 On the semicontinuity theorems of automorphism groups, 10 Feb 2014, D13.15 (Prof. Prof. Kang-Tae Kim, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea) [mehr]